Homeaway from Home Cuisine/ Chef Service

Dinner table

Are you in town visiting or here on work , business or pleasure ? Homeowner of luxury or rental property ? Short duration or long duration ?

Eating out , Fast food and take out day in, day out can become very mundane.  Navigating around unfamiliar cities can be very frustrating ? Add Atlanta construction / detours / interstate closures and typical Atlanta traffic and it’s a perfect condition for a horrible day.

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This highly coveted service was born out of my own traveling experiences . Every year we travel on Spring Break to a tropical beach. At the end of a long but eventful travel day the last thing I wanted do was shop and cook for the rental house and I LOVE to cook and create delicious meal ideas. However exhausted we still needed to eat . So exhausted we drove down the strip searching for local eateries / restaurants . During the vacation days we’d be busy enjoying the sand and surf , the heat, the amenities and hours later we’d return to the house and everybody was BEAT from the heat, covered in sand remnants … I only wanted to hop in the shower and stretch out across the bed and eat Without the hassle of cooking or fast food . Without another option again we’d get ourselves together to head out to a restaurant or order pizza if I truly couldn’t make myself get up. Either way fast food or we dined out. I looked at our family total from eating out , take out and dining locally for 7 days , 6 nights 2 meals a day and we’d spent $780 On just dining out or take out. This did not include the groceries we did buy and attempted to eat one meal at the house which was usually breakfast.

When I say ” We are here to help” …. We really are!


Fully stocked PPECPPEC kitchen

Let PPEC accommodate you , your clients, deliciously , affordably and very professionally.

Imagine your clients arriving at your home away property , rental home , VRBO residence and PPEC has stocked the refrigerator with your clients specific favorites . We have arranged stunning Fresh fruit & cheese & cracker display on the dining room table for a warm & beautiful welcome AND dinner has been freshly prepared , the table set ! Fresh Meals still warm in the freezer labeled clearly along with reheat instructions for the week. This service would set your property apart . Adding value to your already amazing property with this coveted convenience. Delicious service and amazingly fresh & beautiful cuisine .

By creating this service for your houseguest( s) we are :

  • We’re creating comfort
  • Inviting in luxurious ambience
  • Adopting all the stress & hassle of these daily and common demands
  • Encouraging peaceful vacation memories
  • Providing  delicious meals for your house guests.
  • Ensuring your house guests will always reconsider your home FIRST when in the area
  • and TELL their friends and family about their experience staying at your homeaway from home!

Call us today

Chef Ebony

(404) 805-2237 

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