~ Blushing Brides ~



…..Planning the beautiful day you will say ” I do”. Who knew so many intricate details had to be checked off. So many vendors have to be contacted, deposits put down etc. I am honored that you’ve taken the time to visit us today. While YES there is plenty of planning to do and at times it can be overwhelming we at PPEC are aware that statistically speaking ” dinner and dancing ” are two events that will make your wedding reception the ” reception to remember ” or not. What I’ve witnessed during the ” planning ” and ” preparation ” for the wedding day becomes so stressful and overwhelming often Brides & Grooms drift apart from the original love and chemistry connection that brought them together in the first place , as the stressful planning kicks into high gear. To help my clients reconnect during this stressful stage of wedding planning we are GIFTING a FREE overnight luxurious stay at the breath taking ” St.Regis of Atlanta “. This is a value of $ 400 gifted simply for choosing PPEC.

There are tons of caterers in Atlanta but there is only ONE PPEC. Your guests will dine at your wedding reception even if you don’t choose us , however on this memorable day we offer much more than a lot of food. Our cuisine is plentiful & delicious. Our menu is very affordable and customizable. We do not lock you into a package of food that doesn’t represent your taste or heritage. PPEC presentation is visually appealing and our staff is friendly and courteous. We care about the swiftness of the cuisine line if dinner service is buffet. We maintain the neatness of the food displays and remove empty platters promptly and neatly. On this day we serve you & your guests an experience of delicious cuisine partnered with beautiful presentation & superior customer assurance.

For our clients we offer :

* When you contract with PPEC 12 months to 6 months out from your wedding date, spending a minimum of $2,000, you will be gifted FREE overnight accommodations to the amazingly luxurious St. Regis of Atlanta.

* When you contract with PPEC and pay the balance in full at the time of booking, we offer customized perks !

Please take a look at our delicious, customizable menu which is here on our website. We aim to please afford-ably ! On your wedding day , worry not with cuisine matters! Just be beautiful and soak up the festivities and the days enchanting memories.

Let’s get your wedding on our calendar for 2015.

Chef Ebony



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