Happy New Year!

Ginger ale!Simple and delicious! A nice alternative for the non drinker.. Lol. Happy New Year ! I vow in 2013 to love more ,forgive quicker, smile more, procrastinate less, believe more, be honest up front ,pray longer, Not envy, cook more and most of all to give thanks daily for everything I have, everything I pray for and everything I believe that’s coming into my life. I feel in my heart 2013 will be MY year of ‘Overflow’. I’m so ready.

Ohh la la! Special Dinner *

Dinner request...I love eventful days! There is no event too big or small. Every occasion should be special and I would love the chance to help create a memorable meal and atmosphere for you too!
The best rice ever!


Veggies! There is no event or dinner affair too small. We serve the Atlanta area. Please feel free to email me for further details ebonyprice2013@gmail.com. I look forward to serving you!

Last Sunday of 2012!

Wings! Yum
Well we made it! This time of year is often reflective of the happy moments and not so happy times of the year. I truly believe resolutions are a set up! I’d much rather establish small goals throughout the year AND once I conquer them forge onto new next set of goals. This way I’m fulfilled personally and motivated to stay on track. I need all my friends and loved ones to ” arrive alive” so please don’t drink and drive and don’t text and drive! Have a wonderful Sunday.
Stir fry veggies

A few choice items like……

Get ready!Macaroni n cheese with a twist These wings are delicious! I cant tell my cooking secrets but I am available to chef or cater for you! I truly love Being in the kitchen. the colors, the scents together. I’ve been told my cooking is delicious and the array is visually pleasing. Together Lets make your gathering the TALK of the year for ALL the right reasons.
Red mashed potatoes

Today has purpose!

Famous fried chicken
Ebony’s famous fried chicken. Staying warm while the sides finish. Everyday may not be perfect but everyday has purpose. ” Eventful”

Keep the faith.

Shrimp n grits! The south <3 sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together”….I needed this quote today.Keep on pushing on…. ” delay is not denial”.


1st tester tray!For a Christmas event. My signature half/half wings,  bathed meatballs and 3 cheese and 3 meat spread!  For a Christmas event. My signature half/half wings, bathed meatballs and 3 cheese and 3 meat spread! Delicious wings

My 1st sampler! Must I say ” I got the job”. Yay

12/12/12 !

SteakumSo it has been thirteen days since I was thrusted into living my life on purpose. Ironically this has been a blessing in disguise. I see it as an opportunity to do what I truly love, to “finally be able to wake up excited to work.” This was the most valuable statement I heard from self made millionaire Ali Brown . I finally am. I’ve been cooking and loving it for 17 years and only a hand full of my close friends had ever had the pleasure of my cooking. My family…now thats another story ! lol…I think its time I share my art of food.
OMG I love salads.