Mmmmm chocolate my fav!!!

First homemade dessert!So I’ve been cooking for 17 years but admittingly my mother has always been such an excellent baker I never really dabbled in desserts though. Her homemade desserts were MORE than enough. Well recently I’ve curious about sweet combinations…. So I decided to do something about it! Well this is my first creation and if my kids are any indication of how good they are.. They were like stray animals in the kitchen hoping for scraps while I was creating this delicious truffle! It was so amazing… You only need 1!

The beauty in everything!


Gratefulness is n my heart! Not sure whether its the changes in my life or simply God revealing himself to me more clearly but the beauty in flowers lately is absolutely mesmerizing!

A side like your grandma made !

So I’ve been a work in progress with this recipe! Hoppin Johns. ” high five myself” I finally got it.
Hoppin Johns!

Gentle encouragement *

Yesterday I heard as clear as day” Don’t worry about what was, focus on what is”. It was such gentle encouragement that I needed. Be encouraged.Sunset

Succulent Apples…

Glazed applesYa know sometimes eating the same thing the same way gets boring. I love fruit, it’s no surprise, and I love apples. So I decided to simmer the apples in a few choice flavors. Must I say, they were so succulent and delicious , it was a distant cousin from the store bought apple I purchased. It was a wonderful surprise. I WILL be adding this to one of my classic desserts as a topping. Amazing apples.

Homemade meatballs bathed in deliciousness!

So my child will not eat meat. I don’t know why considering I’m such a fan. However I made these meatballs and whipped up this sauce about a month ago and my child tore them up. Imagine my surprise and amazement. Kids are most times the harshest critics, and in this case just extremely picky about meat textures… so I consider this a huge,,,HUGE accomplishment! Huge high 5 for mom ! Hpmhhhhh
All homemade.. Meatballs and sauce

Chicken N’ rice unlike what you’re used to…

So of course I can never divulge my secrets , you’ll have to just hire me, lol… But this tasty dish had the house smelling like the west wing of heaven!
Chicken n rice

Sweet 16 !

Today my niece celebrated her sweet 16th birthday. It was a wonderful celebration with friends and family. I asked her what did she want me to cook for her birthday… Of ALL the things I suggested to her that I could cook… she responded ” ummmm your wings” ! Lol. So needless to say I prepared my signature grilled wings bathed in homemade sauce. I made a fruit display and picked all organic veggies for a veggie platter so we can keep on track with good health options in 2013. I’d say today was a wonderful success not to mention its always nice hanging out with friends and family.Fruit treeOrganic veggiesBy request.... Deliciousimage

Gotta love a classic!

So I was craving a delicious , nice beefy burger.( I rarely eat beef). Per my preteen son( and we all know kids are the harshest critics he said) ” this was amazing” I love fries but I am trying to eat more mindful in 2013. Today I’m eating it all! Lol.


Have u tried blood oranges? I love fruit! This is mostly gone after only a few days. Have you tried blood oranges? Despite the name and if u can get past the color …lol… They are delicious.