Strawberry chocolate mousse!!

All I can say is…” I am the”!!! The house smells amazing.
Strawberry goodness
Perfect mixture

Heavenly homemade biscuits!!

OMG good!!So sometimes I am in the store and in my head I can piece together what would be good together. Sometimes the recipes come out the way I imagine and other times I have to work on the recipe. These were simple to create but absolutely incredible!! Lord I need to go on a walk immediately after these biscuits.

My famous Spaghetti!!

Cheesy I hate to toot my own horn but this is a fan favorite!! This gets sucked down so fast I’d swear its not chewed. With and without cheese. Both ways are amazing but I’m a cheesy lover. My son is not. My daughter doesn’t care.. As long as she gets ” spisgetthi” as she calls it. No cheese Delish!

Price Perfect Dinner Mix n Mingle was AMAZING!!

We had a blast! Amazing everything. I’ve been asked already when is the next one!!! It will be in April. You seriously don’t want to miss out.Kitchen21 Partytime Adult funStrawberriesFlowersSpaceDancingWine

Success is knocking!!!

DinnerDessertWineI hosted my first Dinner Mix n Mingle and must I say it was a phenomenal success! 4 course meal. Bottomless wine. An amazing DJ. Socializing, dancing, raffle giveaways and even a TREAT room!! 2013 is gonna be a phenomenal !!!!!!!!

Pasta al dente’

VeggiesVeggie pasta” Lunch”! Veggie pasta al dente. 8 wonderful veggies. From the son who judges everything on its color and appearance. I had him close his eyes and taste it. Me ” how does it taste”? Him” ummmmmmmmmm what is that( still chewing)… Me” do u like it”? Him ” yes that’s amazing what is it”! Pretty durn accomplished when he calls something amazing and its not pizza, chicken nuggets or fries! Lol