Absolutely delicious!!

Celebrity Chef Ebony Rocks 🍴

Get ready!Macaroni n cheese with a twist These wings are delicious! I cant tell my cooking secrets but I am available to chef or cater for you! I truly love Being in the kitchen. the colors, the scents together. I’ve been told my cooking is delicious and the array is visually pleasing. Together Lets make your gathering the TALK of the year for ALL the right reasons.
Red mashed potatoes

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Wedding Season is in full bloom!!!

Hopefully Spring has officially “Sprung”! It is the most beautiful season of all. Flowers in bloom. The most popular season for weddings! We cater any size wedding party! Let us handle your food affairs… On any brides wedding day all she should be concerned about is being beautiful! 404-819-0089. Call today for your cuisine consultation.

Hungry!! Take a look…

My food is delicious and healthy. No salt , no pork, just wonderful combinations of seasonings and flavors and creative culinary ideas from years of cooking! This is my delicious mac n cheese with a twist green beans and potatoes! and I cater events and occasions big and small 2-200, professionally or personal. Serving the Atlanta , Georgia area.

Mac n cheese
Potatoes n veggiesMac n cheesy

Guava Crumb Cake!

Crumb cake

This is guava crumb cake! Β With reduction guava icing…. Absolutely SPECTACULAR!

Guava crumb cake


Breakfast of Champions!

All I can say was this was AMAZING! No pork. Topped off with a light fruit salad. This was a perfect way to start the day. Perfect

Mango Pulp Pound cake!

I think I’m starting to to enjoy this ! My family and friends are my guinea pigs on new recipes!! While walking through the yesterday store this came to mind. This is Mango pulp pound cake, drizzled with homemade mango reduction icing! Yes!!!! You can lick the screen now! Lol…

Noticing yet
Circle of deliciousness

Sunday Dinner was delish!!!!!

Sunday Dinner is served!!! Roasted chicken and herbed yellow potatoes and onions served with lightly steamed snow peas πŸ™‚ Everything was quite excellent( if I must say so myself). Lol

A little Asian persuasion :)

Apparently this meal was a winner among the household. I’m a huge fan of Jasmine rice. I love the smell, the subtle flavor. Along side honey BBQ chicken breast chunks( more honey than BBQ)! My son was licking his plate( which I can’t stand despite the compliment implied. Lol…

Beef it’s what for dinner!!

I’m not a huge beef eater.. But every once in a while I get in the mood for delicious steak. This was just what the MD ordered! Thin cut ribeye, not too heavy served with amazing yellow potatoes and onions. Yummmmmmimage

Happy Birthday mama!!

Moms cake!'
I’ve said before… I love to cook BUT Baking is my mothers thing. She is an excellent baker of sweets. Creative, ingenious with the sweeth tooth. Well for her birthday I made her a cake that I was very proud of!!!!! From SCRATCH which was NOT easy for me. LOL. But I’ll save the moments that should have been caught on camera for a later post! Happpppppy Birthday mom!