SUCCESS!! Egypt Sherrod’s Sisters Shut In

Diff angleI did it!!! I have a new respect for chefs cooking under pressure. Lol.Banana butter pancakes, eggs, cheese grits, home style potatoes and grilled turkey sausage. 50 pounds of potatoes, pancakes for 540 , 20 pounds of grits, 13 dozen eggs, so much meat I considered being a vegetarian! Lol…but I did it. Price Perfect Event Chef is on the rise! I CAN do anything!!!!!
Banana butterFood spreadApplejuiceEgypt Syleena Johnson
” So excited to have received this in my inbox!! “Hi Ebony,

I would like to personally thank you for taking part in our “Egypt’s Sister’s Keeper Shut-In.” We set out with the hope to encourage female empowerment and to help strengthen young women so that they may realize their full potential. Far too often we can feel misguided and unsure of what path our lives have taken. After hearing all of the heartfelt and extremely personal testimonials, I believe that each and every woman in attendance was able to take away something positive from this experience. Your participation spoke volumes and helped touch so many lives. It was truly a blessing to have you in support of our shut-in.

From the bottom of our hearts….thank you!



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