Yum Yum review!!…. Brides by Demetrios

Look what I recvd in my inbox:

” Hello Ebony,

Thank you again so much. I just wanted to give you a little feedback on your yum yums. They were a big hit, delicious and already almost gone. Our customers loved them. I do not think I’d ever turn down your cooking, so when ever you would like to bring us and our customers treats we would greatly appreciate it. I will let you know when we will need more cards. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Thank you,

Brides by Demetrios

T- bone anyone??

So good!! slow cooked to perfection…I love fresh fruit with my food:)


Yum…yum!! Yes please :)

This is my signature dessert. The most addictive , delicious chocolate, sweet treat ever! U seriously cannot eat just 1.

Close up
Yum yum

Lazy Sunday! Makes for a delicious dinner :)

Is raining and dreary today. A pajamas kind of day.  Dinner for the family served:) Fresh lightly steamed veggies! Hand rolled homemade meatballs bathed in my homemade BBQ sauce, over the most aromatic jasmine rice. Absolutely incredible! 

All homemade

These wings right here are pretty amazing!!!

These wings right here are pretty amazing! These are my signature chicken wings bathed in homemade sauce that my friends have traveled hours for!!! My folks are so rotten:) Gotta love them 🙂


9 Veggie Pasta salad!

9 veggie pasta salad!!!! Yum! Garlic infused olive oil, squash, zucchini, roasted red and yellow peppers, scallions, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms AND cherry tomatoes . This is a beautiful looking dish and it tastes pretty amazing as well!! 9 veggie pasta
Pasta salad

Signature Spaghetti!! To Die for…

Not ready!

You now I am very humble and easy going by nature and typically have a hard time ‘ tooting’ my own horn. BUT…..this spaghetti I make is hands down the BEST spaghetti you will ever have the pleasure of tasting! My uncle is in town and be helped on a task that had me beat, upset and overwhelmed this weekend. I made him this dish to show my gratitude And took some over for supper! So I posted a picture on my FB business page (Price Perfect Event Chef) and my sister turned rogue because I made her favorite meal and didn’t tell her! Needless to say she was at my door shortly thereafter for her take home spaghetti! My 2 yr old cried when her bowl of ” pisgetti” was gone?? Saying she needed more ” pisgetti ” please! Between my sister and my daughter yeah this whole dish was gone in a little over 28 hours.


Angus Meatballs! Giant size

This meal was hardy, delicious and ummm did I say hardy?!!! Lol . These meatballs were GIANT! The flavor was amazing . Next time just a bit smaller. LOL.Meatballs


So I had some bread that was about to expire so I decided to make this.. I cut the bread into chunks, tossed them in some nutmeg , cinnamon and sugar. Melted some fine chocolate and butter. Added heavy cream, vanilla extract and an egg. Let it set for a few hours and this dessert right here!!!!!! Had me looking for my mama to slap her! Lol…

SOOOOOO yummy!!!!

Southwestern Comfort food:)

This is my favorite rice, jasmine rice. I Sautéed it to bring out its natural flavor, then I added black beans and fresh cut corn and a few choice spices!! Absolutely delish! These steaks are generously seasoned and I roasted them to intensify the flavor! Just LOOK at the marbling on this steak!!! OMG GOODDDDD!!!SouthwesternRice