We’re shipping Yum Yum now! West Coast to East Coast

Yum Yum !! My signature decadent, chocolate dessert!!! We ship from East Coast to the West Coast! Email me for details!!! Ebonyprice2013@gmail.com.
Yum yum
Yum yum

Salad from heaven!!!

I’ve been craving an amazing salad and so I created this…spinach, romaine, English cucumbers, tomatoes, sprinkled Parmesan cheese, avocado, seared shallots and grilled steak. Every bite was like a party in my mouth!!! Lol. So amazing. I am looking forward to being hungry again:) Salad
Amazing salad

Meal made for a man!!!

So I heard a married man for over 30 years today say” to entertain a man you must have a meal!” In other words ” we” still need to cook. I know that’s old school but I wonder how many men secretly still feel this way? Lucky for him I LOVE to cook as much as he loves to eat! Lol. Steak and potatoes it is! I don’t usually tell my recipes but this was sooo good I have to share so you can try it. I actually roasted these steaks in garlic, onions, scallions, salt pepper, and beef broth then pan fried them for a few minutes to get this beautiful color. They were amazing!!! I dipped each bite in some thickened Au Jus!
OMG! Au jus

Mongolian Beef!! daaaahhhhh-LICIOUS

I had 1 angus steak left and I decided to make this!!!!….. mongolian beef over black beans and jasmine rice. It was sincerely amazing. My 2 year old , who is very picky about meat textures so I didn’t think she would even eat it devoured it!!!! 4 times while eating she said ” this is Daaaaaaah- LICIOUS” lol. I have to write this recipe down so I will be able to re-create Mongolian beefthis!!!

Savory soup!! Healthy and delicious.

It’s a soup kind of Sunday. Flash flood warnings, downed power lines, fallen trees, heavy winds, hail, road detours, non functioning stop lights, rain! Yeah this is stay indoor, cuddle and eat soup weather. I just finished this soup….turkey wings, yellow potatoes, red beans, rice, sweet onions, fresh chives, corn, carrots and red bell pepper. So delicious.


Sweet Dough Surprise *

Amazing!!! Dessert tonight. Simple and delicious. Sliced bananas, dark brown sugar and butterscotch placed inside some rolled sweet dough and baked. My son said it was a 9 out of 10. Only not a 10 because when he brown sugar melted when you bite into it oozes out. Lol. I thought it was pretty incredible.
Sweet doughSweet dough

Roasted Turkey Wings ~

Friday night dinner for the family roasted turkey wings with creamed red beans and my favorite jasmine rice together. Some Au Jus!!! Lord have mercy.So amazing.
Roasted turkey wings

Macaroni and cheese!!!! Ummmm yes please

So we had a potluck style Mothers Day dinner. My family requested my signature Mac and cheese. I’ve been told it is amazing! Judging by the scraped clean empty container and stacked high to go plates I’d say it was yet again a success! Mac and cheese like you’ve never tasted. If you are in the Atlanta area email today for delivery. Ebonyprice2013@gmail.com. All food is cooked fresh, by me to order.
Amazing Mac n cheese

Dressed cake!!!

So I made petit fours and this was the remainder of the batter… I added a few goodies to this before baking and topped it with a light glaze. Soooooooo good!!Dressed cake

A petit treat !!!

Amazing petit fours! I cheated and added glazed pecans and a dash of milk chocolate. This was pre-glazed. I like them better without the glaze. Airy and delicious!
Petit fours