A few reviews for shipped ” Yum Yum”


* I ordered a batch of the signature decadent, chocolate dessert and OH BOY I was then hit with a big life decision… Do I keep all of this amazingness to myself or share it. Great thing is I got enough to do both, otherwise everyone else was going to miss out 🙂

I cant even begin to describe how much chocolate GREATNESS is packed into each little bite. The aroma of the chocolate is even present when they are wrapped up nice and neat, thats how much chocolatety goodness is in there.

I also had these delivered all the from Georgia to California, and I couldnt be happier with how everything turned out. They packed everything so perfectly in there it was if I had gone in and hand picked it up that day myself.
Thom K

Shipped yum yum
* She calls them “yum yums” I call them “sugar crack” . Absolutely incredible! Kudos Ebony Price
Johnathan H

Yum yum

” I tried my best to share, but this dessert you call “Yum Yum”, I had to keep it to myself. Each delicious bite taste of decadence, love, and chocolate. The best the earth has to offer, this side of heaven.” Rev. Lewis Gordon

2 thoughts on “A few reviews for shipped ” Yum Yum”

  1. I dont know what yum yums are or what ingredients go in them but Ebony’s yum yum delights are delicious and I’m not big on sweets. Keep up the good work Ms. Price 🙂

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