1st time Homemade Pasta!!

So proud of myself 🙂 Homemade pasta , leftover baked chicken chopped up with scallions. My son who was very skeptical about “me” making ” homemade ” pasta ate two WHOLE plates! Below are the pictures in stages . Finished product is the last picture 🙂
Kneading dough
Cutting dough
Chicken and pasta

Brunch with the kiddos:)

Brunch! Who needs syrup when pancakes are filled with deliciousness! I don’t like alot of ” fluff” but these went over with flying colors! Glazed pecans, brown sugar, and ‘ Honey Graham’s ! Texture, moisture and the perfect sweetness:)

Crispy skin baked chicken and cheesy potatoes!

Delicious, nutritious and balanced ! Crispy baked chicken, cheesy sautéed potatoes and blanched green beans! So good 🙂
Crispy chicken

Chocolate banana cake with homemade buttercream icing:)

Chocolate banana cake with homemade buttercream icing topped with chocolate icing and sprinkled Heath chips! This is sooo moist and amazing! I need to write down the recipe so I don’t forget what I did:)
Chocolate banana cake
Cut cake

A few reviews from Facebook:
” Joy P- OMG this cake was sooooooo awesome. I ate my whole slice while driving home (shhhh don’t tell anyone).”

” Stique D- I have to admit in shame I ate a pretty good sized piece of this cake in less than 20 seconds (while hiding in the kitchen so I didn’t have to share with my daughters) lol!!! This cake is absolutely DELICIOUS!! Soft, tasty, and a perfect sweet treat!!!”

Delicious , easy dish for families on the go:)

Lunch! Chicken breast cut into nuggets, seasoned and pan fried, homemade whole wheat stovetop Mac and cheese. Easy to do and delicious 🙂 great quick lunch for busy moms/ families:)
Homemade nuggets

Fall Weddings! Cooler seasons don’t change the love in the air :)

Weddings, engagement dinners, dress rehearsals, birthdays, corporate lunches, delivered dinners, christmas parties, anniversary, graduations, PTA meetings… Whenever food is desired we provide it! Professional, corporate and personal events/ occasions. We cover it all…Deliciously, affordably and beautifully! We are now booking for Fall 2013. Email today. Ebonyprice2013@gmail.com
Fall weddings

Dinner time:)


I don’t even have many words to describe this meal besides amazing! Seriously simply amazing. We can recreate any meal for intimate dinners or large scale events! Southern comfort at its finest. Email us today… Ebonyprice2013@gmail.com

Baked apple pie puffs!

Apple pie puffs! So amazing. Cooked Tangy sweet- super juicy apples, butter, light brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, glazed pecans wrapped in dough and BAKED! The lighter side of dessert. Nevertheless heavenly!
Apple pie puffs

Light and delicious dinner!

Light dinner! Today was a good day. Angus burger, extra sharp cheese, Roma tomatoes and shallots. My son said ” this is amazing” ! Lol. No starch tonight. Enjoyed some unusually sweet grapefruit and my favorite…..grapes!


Chocolate chip cookie with cream cheese icing:)

Dessert! The best part of the meal:) fresh out the oven chocolate chip cookies crew homemade cream cheese icing in the middle.