Fed the homeless today in downtown Atlanta…

Yet humbled. I’ve been praying recently fighting feeling some type of way. All sorts of disappointments, let downs sprinkled with blessings. Today I prepared to serve 8 people lunch. God had other plans. So my kiddos and I found a corner in downtown ATL to give away the lunch I prepared with some lemonade to homeless. I left in tears as I had to turn away the sea of homeless men, women and children . My heart literally ached. As I drove away in tears, I was swelled with thankfulness for ever nook and cranny of my life. The good, the bad, the confusing, the hurt, the disappointments, the productive days , the slower days. Just thankful. I’m reignited to make a difference for the homeless! We will be back downtown with food enough for everyone drawn from that corner! God knows my heart and I will marry my actions to my hearts desires. Give God thanks today for
everything! Macaroni and cheese, BBQ meatballs , fresh green beans with red potatoes with lemonade to drink.
Feeding homeless

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