Baked chicken! Highly requested:)

Sunday dinner:) this is the chicken that comes highly requested. Baked chicken, jasmine rice with roasted peppers and herbs and corn on the cob! So good got the babies sucking chicken bones!!!!
Sunday dinner
Chicken bones

Grilled vegetables! Good and good for you:)

Veggies don’t have to be plain or bland! And to make them delicious you don’t need pork ,meat, or grease. Amazing grilled vegetables with a dash of kosher salt and some secret herbs!! Yummmmmmy.
Grilled veggies
Grilled veggies

You want dinner delivered??

BBQ chicken , corn on the cob and roasted garlic potatoes. I made cheddar cheese biscuits that got picked over before I could get a pic! I cater / deliver anything that I post for large gatherings, small intimate dinners, corporate lunches , etc. Bottom line is ” I cook so you don’t have to”! If you are in the Atlanta area email me for details
Roasted potatoes
BBQ chicken

Lunch ??

I’m feeling so blessed ! I love that 1 of my souls passions which is cooking is making other people happy:) It truly is rewarding and validating.Price Perfect Event Chef caters ALL events and occasions. Black Tie, Formal, Casual, professional and corporate. Grand or intimate. MD practices, Birthdays, Dentist practices, weddings, engagement dinners, Board or Educations, PTA meetings, Boutiques, Salons, etc! Lunch or Dinner! We cover it all. Deliciously and affordably. Email today….

This picture is my amazing fresh garden salad. Sprinkled with amazing mixture of palette pleasing veggies and colors dressed with my homemade salad dressing!
Beautiful salad

” Lady and Sons”

Hoe cake

I’m a chef and in an effort to heighten my culinary horizon I spent some time in Savannah. Doing research and soaking up the amazing and beautiful Historic districts knowledge. I’m not happy with the word choice she has admitting she used and I don’t excuse it. I do however understand that a woman of her age in the South has probably seen , witnessed, lived, participated in alot of unpleasant American History. The hope is that as the time changes , they do to. I can’t change people, how they live their lives or what they do or say in their spare time, or when among trusted peers. We all will face God on judgement day and HE knows. Having said that… She’s an amazing chef and THAT’S what I delight in. ” Lady and Sons ” has amazing Southern comfort food. Simply delicious. The dessert was just sinful!

Lady n sons

Sea of deliciousness!! My signature dessert:)

This dessert item ships coast to coast:). Individually wrapped and packaged perfectly! Email me for details


Homemade Fresh lemon and lime cookies !

Fresh out the oven! Delicious fresh lemon and lime cookies 🙂 Easy fix for a sweet tooth.
Fresh cookies

Steak and red mashed potatoes!

Steak, red potatoes mashed potatoes with thickened Au jus and lightly steamed broccoli! ” We deliver dinner, lunches, cater events and all occasions” Serving the Atlanta area. Email us today “”

Fed the homeless today in downtown Atlanta…

Yet humbled. I’ve been praying recently fighting feeling some type of way. All sorts of disappointments, let downs sprinkled with blessings. Today I prepared to serve 8 people lunch. God had other plans. So my kiddos and I found a corner in downtown ATL to give away the lunch I prepared with some lemonade to homeless. I left in tears as I had to turn away the sea of homeless men, women and children . My heart literally ached. As I drove away in tears, I was swelled with thankfulness for ever nook and cranny of my life. The good, the bad, the confusing, the hurt, the disappointments, the productive days , the slower days. Just thankful. I’m reignited to make a difference for the homeless! We will be back downtown with food enough for everyone drawn from that corner! God knows my heart and I will marry my actions to my hearts desires. Give God thanks today for
everything! Macaroni and cheese, BBQ meatballs , fresh green beans with red potatoes with lemonade to drink.
Feeding homeless

Layers of lemon zest!! Soo good

I love lemon or grape anything. I made lemon cake today sprinkled with cream cheese icing and lemon zest. It’s too much cake for even me and my sweet tooth! LOL

Lemon cake