Beautiful Bountiful Chocolate brownies!

This was my first attempt at completely homemade brownies and I’m so pleased. Thick, beautiful crunch on top, soft and moist underneath. Sweet but not too sweet and the color is simply amazing! I placed a small amount of homemade icing on top just to round out the flavor. So what would you have a corner piece or the middle piece ???

Homemade brownies

Chocolate brownies

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Labor Day weekend 2013!! Homemade Mayo:)

Labor Day weekend fast approaching ! Do you have a traditional meal you enjoy for this Holiday? Do you BBQ? Do you have recipes passed down from generations that you re-create? Do you invite yourself to someone’s so you don’t have to cook. Lol??!! What’s on the menu??…..

Delicious meal

Homemade mayo for my potato salad!

Homemade mayo potato salad

Apple Crunch Crump Cake with Caramel buttercream icing !

Absolutely amazing! I love the freedom and creativity to try different things. Great recipes ARE discovered through this curiosity 🙂 This cake is better than it looks. Sweet, crumby, crunchy, rich and smooth! So many elements that work so well together.

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Apples and deliciousness

Side view apple crunch crumb cake

Top apple crunch crumb cake

Get curious in the kitchen!

So….I want my biscuits to look as neat or better than the store bought ones:) I think I figured it out after much curiosity in the kitchen!! What do you think ?!!! My son had 3 at once! . I really don’t think he even chewed them !!
Homemade biscuits

Perfectly delicious !

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Amazing chicken marinade!

Check out the color of this chicken! This marinade was amazing and I LOVED the rich savory color the chicken absorbed. Sweet and spicy! Layer on a bed of coconut cooked jasmine rice dressed with fresh scallions! So good.

Close up


Caramel almond cream squares:)

These are amazing! A twist of my signature dessert. These are decadent caramel , almond cream bars! These are a beautiful gift idea 🙂 A delicious addition to birthday parties, corporate meetings, anniversary dinners, baby showers, Adult novelty parties, Mary Kay parties etc. These treats can be ordered on Etsy under my store ” SavorySweetTreats”! Click on the ” Client Reviews- How are we doing ” to see our sweet treat reviews. Place your order today! Don’t just take our word for it:)

Caramel bars

Savory sweet treats

Good ole Sunday Dinner by request :)

SPOILED! Passing back by from South Carolina I got a text asking what would be for dinner today:) Well of course I humbly worked it into the schedule for today.
They ate and ran! Happily. Lol. My signature baked chicken, creamy potatoes , roasted zucchini and cheesy biscuits.

Ebony's dinner


Course meal

Cream cheese Churros!

West coast with a sprinkle of East coast! Sinfully delicious AND oven baked instead of fried:)
Cream cheese churros


Amazing Strawberry cream cheese trifle

This is beautiful and delicious! We eat with our eyes first:)
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Side view trifle

Colby and cheddar cheese biscuits!

Mmmmm mmmm good! Homemade Colby and cheddar cheese biscuits what a way to start the day.

Homemade Biscuits