Italian inspired dinner! Homemade pasta :)

Certainly have to pick your battles! Meatless or low carbs!!??? I’d say meatless won this battle. Italian food is 1 of my favorites. Conquering homemade pasta is equally rewarding each time:) next step is to invest in a pasta thinner. Doing this whole process BY hand is tedious. Rewarding though! Homemade pasta dressed with lightly roasted scallions and drizzled with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Mother and step dad came and took a plate home. This was her exact words !……

” Honey hush!!!!! I just tasted your pasta noodles that Roy brought back home and they are absolutely delicious. I love the texture and the taste…yum yum yum. Girl you have the nack!!!
I am so impressed that you have made homemade pasta! DELICIOUS!!!!”

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