Classic Italian Garlic Potato Gnocchi

Classic Italian garlic potato gnocchi! Maybe better understood as light potato dumplings. This was a delicious meal. I created a homemade sauce that was simply heavenly on the gnocchi.

I always encourage people to get curious in the kitchen! So many meals waiting to be created. Never again do I have to purchase gnocchi at my favorite Italian restaurant , I can make it deliciously myself:)

Up close potato gnocchi

Dressed homemade gnoochi

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Every event deserves 1 of my ” Dessert Receptions”

Homemade sweets treats mixed with beautiful color coordinated or themed store brought treats makes my dessert reception a delicious ” wow” factor! I love creating them. The pictured ” dessert reception” was a classic ,elegant , budget friendly bridal theme. Color desire! 7 delicious sweet treats are in this spread. Stunning appearance, easy in the wallet and delicious!

Some desire height and luxury , beautiful exotic displays, dimensions! We have that covered also! Book with us today. My dessert reception sets the tone for the event! They have been elaborate, beautiful, elegant, fun, kid friendly, rainbow boasting, love inspired , creatively desired And many more!

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Sweet spot spread

Breakfast for dinner !! Yummm ” Br-inner”

I LOVE breakfast cuisine. Breakfast food for dinner, is just 2 pieces of heaven ! This was the leanest steak I’ve ever tasted. So amazingly good! Organic eggs cooked omelet style:)

Steak n eggs

Double chocolate, mint chocolate cake!

Lord have mercy!

Chocolate and I have a relationship BUT this cake right here I would marry! LOL. Shameful. So decadent and rich. This cake is for REAL chocolate lovers.

Piece of chocolate cake

Chocolate chocolate cake

Top of chocolate cake

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For ” Bleu cheese ” lovers!

So I’m not a fan of dressings. I prefer the organic flavors and taste of my food so I’ve never had the commercial ” bleu cheese” dressing or dip. So when this idea came to my mind I didn’t know how I would like it. This was an interesting concept but I DID enjoy it. This style of cheese needs a good piece of meat with some sauce and its perfect! This picture was before it went in the oven 🙂

Bleu Cheese Mac & Cheese!

Bleu cheese Mac n cheese

Island flavors! Chicken & Rice

What a beautiful combination of spices ! I love Island food. My next goal will be ” authentic Jerk Chicken” 🙂 This chicken and rice was amazing. Moist, sweet yet spicy with a little kick. Perfect.

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Island chicken and rice

Juicy chicken and rice

Banana Pudding so good….

I made dinner for friends of the family for over 20 years who came from North Carolina:)This was the dessert I made. My son who doesn’t like ” bananas” Ate 2 helpings! My itty bitty toddler ate her helping and licked her plate clean! LOL. My dinner guests ate their dessert in silence interrupted with random” savory sounds” !

I don’t tell these things to brag! Having my cuisine is an “. Experience”! I can tell you , people that have indulged can review, but I’d rather show you.

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Banana pudding

Amazing Meatballs:) No pork needed

I’m not a fan of pork and most recipes for meatballs you see tend to mix pork in for flavor. Well these meatballs need no pork. An amazing mixture of seasonings, and a few secret ingredients and ” I almost slapped myself”! Lol. Booking with this catering company you are invited into the world of true love of flavors, textures to create an amazing taste and a very wonderfully memorable event. Not just a lot of food, but a lot of food that taste greats! Book with us today. ” Let us cater to you” !

Want some ??
Smacking good meatballs

My signature Chocolate sweet treat!

Absolutely the most decadent dessert you will ever taste ! The reviews for this dessert are amazing!! This dessert ships East Coast to West Coast! They are individually wrapped for freshness and packaged perfectly . This dessert is the perfect gift! A wonderful and delicious addition to a Candy Buffet Station, a baby shower, wedding reception table, corporate lunch, Thanksgiving Day dinner, Seasonal Christmas parties, cocktail party, birthday party take away bag, Halloween Trunk or Treat festivities! Those events/ occasions are just to name a few! The BEST event is ” just because you want it”. No occasion needed. Place your order today!!

Yum yum

Amazing signature dessert

Saffron, Gouda Cheese, Apples, Steak, Baby Spinach ? Sound like dinner??…

It may not have sound like a ” cohesive team” but dinner was restaurant quality delicious as well as beautiful! My daughter ate 3 helpings of rice and my son had 2 helpings of salad( which while I was creating he said he wasn’t gonna like it)!

Savory dinner

Spinach salad

I absolutely love to create meals/ dishes and menus and them to go over with flying colors for clients and my family and friends!

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