Chef’s Personal Weight Loss Story

Well !

One of my truths is working and being around an abundance of the finest cuisine and being in the presence of the finest chefs and I didn’t have to cook , certainly didn’t help me and my girlish figure. I’ve literally always struggled with my weight. ALWAYS ! I’ve probably tried every single thing on the market with the exception of surgery. I am happy to say I have finally obtained, sustained and maintained personal weight loss success and I am happier than I’ve ever been. There will always be fads promising for quick  ” this “and fast “that”… but reality is when changing one’s lifestyle WE want it to be fast but ultimately we need it to last and actually work. One of my best life lessons I’ve learned is ” NO-THING ” works unless you do. You can buy the most expensive machines but if you don’t get on them , you will not see results. Pay for the best personal trainer but you still have to move your feet and dedicate to the goal. Weight loss is not magic but being happy in your skin ” is ” magical ! I was a size 22-24 and I am now a very happy and comfortable 14.

Now-a-days there’s so many easy ways to lose weight quickly. I know first hand the struggle to keep it off because the mind wasn’t changed FOR the weight loss to be obtained. Study suggests it takes 21 days to MAKE a habit. 21 days to break a habit. 21 days to rewire the brain in meditation. 21 days seems to be the body and mind’s reset button. I know this to be a true in my own life and weight loss/ health inspired journey.

Call it a lifestyle, not a diet .A way to live not a fad to cosign. Follow my website for delicious and health inspired meal ideas. You will have to relearn how to eat for fuel and not because it just tastes good. Sure it’s good but my cuisine is actually “good for you” . In the past two years I have specialized in crafting , creating and varying Vegetarian cuisine.

The cost of good health is worth it ! Anyone who has struggled with health or weight matters understands the hindsight of good health.
If you’re eating out with the family 2 times a week…. grabbing fast food breakfast or lunch for yourself a few times a week… A drink from Starbucks daily for 5 days… Getting drinks at Happy Hour with  friends 4 Fridays in a row…You get the point. You can afford to make healthier choices that will benefit your life.  When I looked at my own money map with my bank for 30 days ” eating out- restaurants” I was SHOCKED.  I decided to shop organic. Seek Non- GMO options. Fresh not frozen. Yes, it may cost a tad more up front , not drastically, but if not for healthier options  you’ll spend the same , probably much more for co-pays at the MD office and prescription medications in the long run and if you are grabbing lunch , breakfast or dinner randomly a few times a month like I was , I guarantee you’re spending more than that anyways. My bottom line is this money is gonna be spent. Spend it towards redirecting your life. Losing weight , Feeling good and attractive in and out of clothes and re-setting the body’s metabolic system with baby steps that ACTUALLY work. I was able to lose about 33 pounds in a little less than 30 days and in a few months the rest of the weight continued to melt off but it started with day one and a decision to do something about myself!

I honestly never thought I would share these pictures but now I’m glad I took them so that I can. What a humbling moment.

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Thank you !