Steak and red mashed potatoes!

Steak, red potatoes mashed potatoes with thickened Au jus and lightly steamed broccoli! ” We deliver dinner, lunches, cater events and all occasions” Serving the Atlanta area. Email us today “”

Meal made for a man!!!

So I heard a married man for over 30 years today say” to entertain a man you must have a meal!” In other words ” we” still need to cook. I know that’s old school but I wonder how many men secretly still feel this way? Lucky for him I LOVE to cook as much as he loves to eat! Lol. Steak and potatoes it is! I don’t usually tell my recipes but this was sooo good I have to share so you can try it. I actually roasted these steaks in garlic, onions, scallions, salt pepper, and beef broth then pan fried them for a few minutes to get this beautiful color. They were amazing!!! I dipped each bite in some thickened Au Jus!
OMG! Au jus

Roasted Turkey Wings ~

Friday night dinner for the family roasted turkey wings with creamed red beans and my favorite jasmine rice together. Some Au Jus!!! Lord have mercy.So amazing.
Roasted turkey wings