Surprise Retirement Party !

Love that PPEC has become a delicious take away memory from my clients events!

PPEC Retirement

Retirement PPEC

Elegance PPEC

Sweet Tea

Good ole Sunday Dinner by request :)

SPOILED! Passing back by from South Carolina I got a text asking what would be for dinner today:) Well of course I humbly worked it into the schedule for today.
They ate and ran! Happily. Lol. My signature baked chicken, creamy potatoes , roasted zucchini and cheesy biscuits.

Ebony's dinner


Course meal

Baked chicken! Highly requested:)

Sunday dinner:) this is the chicken that comes highly requested. Baked chicken, jasmine rice with roasted peppers and herbs and corn on the cob! So good got the babies sucking chicken bones!!!!
Sunday dinner
Chicken bones

Lunch was great :)

This is the kind of lunch we serve! My amazingly, fall off the bone delicious baked chicken, macaroni and cheese and green beans and potatoes.