Steak Hoagie! Childhood memories :)

Perfectly seasoned Steak hoagies! Toasted buns. Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions with some fries. This was the perfect top off to blessed Sunday.
Steak hoagie

Mongolian Beef!! daaaahhhhh-LICIOUS

I had 1 angus steak left and I decided to make this!!!!….. mongolian beef over black beans and jasmine rice. It was sincerely amazing. My 2 year old , who is very picky about meat textures so I didn’t think she would even eat it devoured it!!!! 4 times while eating she said ” this is Daaaaaaah- LICIOUS” lol. I have to write this recipe down so I will be able to re-create Mongolian beefthis!!!

Gotta love a classic!

So I was craving a delicious , nice beefy burger.( I rarely eat beef). Per my preteen son( and we all know kids are the harshest critics he said) ” this was amazing” I love fries but I am trying to eat more mindful in 2013. Today I’m eating it all! Lol.