Mouth watering Client Favorites !


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Our Client Favorites! Everybody eats …. EVERY day and every occasion that requires cuisine hires a caterer OR buys cuisine from somewhere. We take great pride in the quality and presentation of our cuisine and our client happiness. We’re in … Continue reading

Fridayz- Breakfast Craze


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  Fridayz are the best days ! We’re gonna do something new & delicious for the local community. One of my favorite meals EVERYDAY is breakfast . So why not combine the two and we bring delicious homemade breakfast to … Continue reading

Surprise Retirement Party !

Love that PPEC has become a delicious take away memory from my clients events!

PPEC Retirement

Retirement PPEC

Elegance PPEC

Sweet Tea

Breakfast pizza! Eggs for crust:)

Sounds funny huh??!! Well its absolutely amazing. Cuts just like pizza and you can add any toppings you like and enjoy an amazing, healthy breakfast free of carbs:) Breakfast pizza

Turkey Day Leftover !

The feast is always amazing. I hate to admit I’m not the most fond of leftovers but Turkey day leftovers hold so many more possibilities.

Sweet potato pie on the 3rd day is my house became delicious breakfast. Sweet potatoes and glazed pecans pancakes!

Sweet potato pie

Sweet potato cakes

Amazing! The possibilities are endless for leftovers. I have quite a few more delicious ideas up my sleeve…..

To be continued….

Southwestern Open omelette pizza with homemade biscuits!

Hmmmmm!Being creative in the kitchen is so necessary. This breakfast idea came to me driving home at o’dark thirty
Homemade biscuits, onions, herbs, tomatoes, basil, scallions, cheese and eggs! This was by far the best breakfast item I’ve concocted in a while.

I am available for hire! Personal chef or catering events/ occasions.

Book PPEC today. We do have our signature dessert available for shipping! Call and inquire today.

Open face omelette

Southwestern biscuit

Fresh herbs and butter biscuits!

Baby gets what baby asks for!  Lol. Homemade biscuits it is:) Book with us today. Delicious, affordable .  Price Perfect Event Catering for the holidays.

Fresh herb biscuits

Amazing homemade

From scratch buiscuits

Breakfast for dinner !! Yummm ” Br-inner”

I LOVE breakfast cuisine. Breakfast food for dinner, is just 2 pieces of heaven ! This was the leanest steak I’ve ever tasted. So amazingly good! Organic eggs cooked omelet style:)

Steak n eggs

Get curious in the kitchen!

So….I want my biscuits to look as neat or better than the store bought ones:) I think I figured it out after much curiosity in the kitchen!! What do you think ?!!! My son had 3 at once! . I really don’t think he even chewed them !!
Homemade biscuits

Perfectly delicious !

Book your lunch or dinner with us ! Affordable and delicious

Colby and cheddar cheese biscuits!

Mmmmm mmmm good! Homemade Colby and cheddar cheese biscuits what a way to start the day.

Homemade Biscuits