Breakfast pizza! Eggs for crust:)

Sounds funny huh??!! Well its absolutely amazing. Cuts just like pizza and you can add any toppings you like and enjoy an amazing, healthy breakfast free of carbs:) Breakfast pizza

Breakfast for dinner !! Yummm ” Br-inner”

I LOVE breakfast cuisine. Breakfast food for dinner, is just 2 pieces of heaven ! This was the leanest steak I’ve ever tasted. So amazingly good! Organic eggs cooked omelet style:)

Steak n eggs

Brunch with the kiddos:)

Brunch! Who needs syrup when pancakes are filled with deliciousness! I don’t like alot of ” fluff” but these went over with flying colors! Glazed pecans, brown sugar, and ‘ Honey Graham’s ! Texture, moisture and the perfect sweetness:)