Surprise Retirement Party !

Love that PPEC has become a delicious take away memory from my clients events!

PPEC Retirement

Retirement PPEC

Elegance PPEC

Sweet Tea

Turkey Day Leftover !

The feast is always amazing. I hate to admit I’m not the most fond of leftovers but Turkey day leftovers hold so many more possibilities.

Sweet potato pie on the 3rd day is my house became delicious breakfast. Sweet potatoes and glazed pecans pancakes!

Sweet potato pie

Sweet potato cakes

Amazing! The possibilities are endless for leftovers. I have quite a few more delicious ideas up my sleeve…..

To be continued….

Happy 4th of July! Celebrate responsibly

Celebrate responsibly! Be sure to encourage your friends and family attending BBQ’s and gatherings NOT to drive drunk or even tipsy! Call a friend or call a cab. I did not make these dessert items but they look so festive and delicious I have to share:) Firesafety is essential during today’s celebration! Have fun but be safe!