No bake ” macaroni and cheese” !

No fake- a Roni here! Pasta al dente tossed in fresh herbs mixed with a homemade cheese sauce! Absolutely delicious and so fresh. I would say this is a lighter alternative to the baked macaroni and cheese ( which I love also) but every so often have to make wiser food options. Balance is the name of this game:)

No bake macaroni and cheese

Southwestern Open omelette pizza with homemade biscuits!

Hmmmmm!Being creative in the kitchen is so necessary. This breakfast idea came to me driving home at o’dark thirty
Homemade biscuits, onions, herbs, tomatoes, basil, scallions, cheese and eggs! This was by far the best breakfast item I’ve concocted in a while.

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Open face omelette

Southwestern biscuit

Saffron, Gouda Cheese, Apples, Steak, Baby Spinach ? Sound like dinner??…

It may not have sound like a ” cohesive team” but dinner was restaurant quality delicious as well as beautiful! My daughter ate 3 helpings of rice and my son had 2 helpings of salad( which while I was creating he said he wasn’t gonna like it)!

Savory dinner

Spinach salad

I absolutely love to create meals/ dishes and menus and them to go over with flying colors for clients and my family and friends!

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Colby and cheddar cheese biscuits!

Mmmmm mmmm good! Homemade Colby and cheddar cheese biscuits what a way to start the day.

Homemade Biscuits

Creamy scalloped potatoes with sharp cheese!

Haven’t had these in a while! So delicious and reminiscent. If you’d like this or any item shown catered / delivered for lunch or dinner please email me at We serve 2 to 200! Professional, corporate or personal events/ occasions.
Gratin potatoes

Crispy skin baked chicken and cheesy potatoes!

Delicious, nutritious and balanced ! Crispy baked chicken, cheesy sautéed potatoes and blanched green beans! So good 🙂
Crispy chicken

Signature Spaghetti!! To Die for…

Not ready!

You now I am very humble and easy going by nature and typically have a hard time ‘ tooting’ my own horn. BUT…..this spaghetti I make is hands down the BEST spaghetti you will ever have the pleasure of tasting! My uncle is in town and be helped on a task that had me beat, upset and overwhelmed this weekend. I made him this dish to show my gratitude And took some over for supper! So I posted a picture on my FB business page (Price Perfect Event Chef) and my sister turned rogue because I made her favorite meal and didn’t tell her! Needless to say she was at my door shortly thereafter for her take home spaghetti! My 2 yr old cried when her bowl of ” pisgetti” was gone?? Saying she needed more ” pisgetti ” please! Between my sister and my daughter yeah this whole dish was gone in a little over 28 hours.


Hungry!! Take a look…

My food is delicious and healthy. No salt , no pork, just wonderful combinations of seasonings and flavors and creative culinary ideas from years of cooking! This is my delicious mac n cheese with a twist green beans and potatoes! and I cater events and occasions big and small 2-200, professionally or personal. Serving the Atlanta , Georgia area.

Mac n cheese
Potatoes n veggiesMac n cheesy

Heavenly homemade biscuits!!

OMG good!!So sometimes I am in the store and in my head I can piece together what would be good together. Sometimes the recipes come out the way I imagine and other times I have to work on the recipe. These were simple to create but absolutely incredible!! Lord I need to go on a walk immediately after these biscuits.

My famous Spaghetti!!

Cheesy I hate to toot my own horn but this is a fan favorite!! This gets sucked down so fast I’d swear its not chewed. With and without cheese. Both ways are amazing but I’m a cheesy lover. My son is not. My daughter doesn’t care.. As long as she gets ” spisgetthi” as she calls it. No cheese Delish!