THE most amazing salad ever!

……….and then this salad happened!! I created it on accident looking for things to compensate NOT using salad dressing. Well it was SO good I recreated it:) so filling, healthy AND delicious ! I didn’t make a resolution this year but a commitment to healthier options every day. This salad is making it easy!!! LOL.


Meal fit for a King!

Boneless thighs, grilled. Paprika and garlic. Organic Wisconsin garlic herbed macaroni and cheese! Delicious and good for you!!


Amazing dinner

Island flavors! Chicken & Rice

What a beautiful combination of spices ! I love Island food. My next goal will be ” authentic Jerk Chicken” 🙂 This chicken and rice was amazing. Moist, sweet yet spicy with a little kick. Perfect.

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Island chicken and rice

Juicy chicken and rice

Chicken , Lumanconi and Leeks!

I’ve mastered homemade pasta which is amazing ! Next to my own pasta I am in love with Real Italian pasta.  It’s lighter to me :)Lumanconi noodles I like because the shell can actually be utilized as a cup to hold the flavors, juices of whatever dish you are creating. I seared this chicken first ( because if I’m gonna eat the skin it must be crispy) and then baked it.  Prepared the noodles al dente and tossed them in some homemade dressing and garnished them with some sautéed leeks! This was amazing!

Chicken and lumanconi

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Labor Day weekend 2013!! Homemade Mayo:)

Labor Day weekend fast approaching ! Do you have a traditional meal you enjoy for this Holiday? Do you BBQ? Do you have recipes passed down from generations that you re-create? Do you invite yourself to someone’s so you don’t have to cook. Lol??!! What’s on the menu??…..

Delicious meal

Homemade mayo for my potato salad!

Homemade mayo potato salad

Amazing chicken marinade!

Check out the color of this chicken! This marinade was amazing and I LOVED the rich savory color the chicken absorbed. Sweet and spicy! Layer on a bed of coconut cooked jasmine rice dressed with fresh scallions! So good.

Close up


Good ole Sunday Dinner by request :)

SPOILED! Passing back by from South Carolina I got a text asking what would be for dinner today:) Well of course I humbly worked it into the schedule for today.
They ate and ran! Happily. Lol. My signature baked chicken, creamy potatoes , roasted zucchini and cheesy biscuits.

Ebony's dinner


Course meal

1st time Homemade Pasta!!

So proud of myself 🙂 Homemade pasta , leftover baked chicken chopped up with scallions. My son who was very skeptical about “me” making ” homemade ” pasta ate two WHOLE plates! Below are the pictures in stages . Finished product is the last picture 🙂
Kneading dough
Cutting dough
Chicken and pasta

Crispy skin baked chicken and cheesy potatoes!

Delicious, nutritious and balanced ! Crispy baked chicken, cheesy sautéed potatoes and blanched green beans! So good 🙂
Crispy chicken

BBQ wings and veggies!

Arugula and spinach salad with some homemade dressing! BBQ chicken wings and rice with mixed vegetables. Petty good if I must say so myself:) Bbq