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Our Client Favorites! Everybody eats …. EVERY day and every occasion that requires cuisine hires a caterer OR buys cuisine from somewhere. We take great pride in the quality and presentation of our cuisine and our client happiness. We’re in … Continue reading

Yum yum ‘ FREE ‘ giveaway! Just in time for the holidays

UPDATE! Winner was Tiberia M.

Today is my birthday and I won the free dessert from Price Perfect Event Catering LLC. The pecan caramel brownies which the chef personally delivered to my home are soooo good I had to stop myself because I would eat the whole box. I will try to leave some for my sweetie now I got to an excuse to buy some icecream.”

Contest begins 11/12/2013 midnight thru 11/19/2013 at midnight. Winner will be picked at random. Contestant has to LIKE the FB page and SHARE the offer. Offer can be shared numerous time by same contestant,this will increase chances. Winner will be announced 11/20/2013 via Facebook announcement and will have 1 hour to respond to winning announcement. If winner does not respond in an hour another random winner will be chosen from random from “offer LIKES and SHARES. ” Client reviewed ” most decadent dessert ever” can be yours for the holidays! Literally just a few SHARES away.

Caramel bars

Yum yum

Chocolate coffee cake!

This cake will keep you alert and have you coming back for more! Chocolate coffee cake with mocha buttercream frosting with candied pecans! Absolutely amazing.

We cater all events/ occasions! 2-200! Seasonal, holidays or birthdays and 4th of July! Weddings, engagement dinners, Scentsy parties, etc! We accommodate them all:) affordable and delicious.

Chocolate coffee cake

Mmmm chocolate !

Its a chocolate kind of day:) it doesn’t matter the time !! LOL. Double chocolate cake with mint chocolate buttercream icing. SHARE this blog entry if you agree this cake creation looks delicious:)

Cake Creations

Double chocolate, mint chocolate cake!

Lord have mercy!

Chocolate and I have a relationship BUT this cake right here I would marry! LOL. Shameful. So decadent and rich. This cake is for REAL chocolate lovers.

Piece of chocolate cake

Chocolate chocolate cake

Top of chocolate cake

Book with us today. Holiday season is upon us! Cakes, dinners, lunches, dessert receptions and much more!

My signature Chocolate sweet treat!

Absolutely the most decadent dessert you will ever taste ! The reviews for this dessert are amazing!! This dessert ships East Coast to West Coast! They are individually wrapped for freshness and packaged perfectly . This dessert is the perfect gift! A wonderful and delicious addition to a Candy Buffet Station, a baby shower, wedding reception table, corporate lunch, Thanksgiving Day dinner, Seasonal Christmas parties, cocktail party, birthday party take away bag, Halloween Trunk or Treat festivities! Those events/ occasions are just to name a few! The BEST event is ” just because you want it”. No occasion needed. Place your order today!!

Yum yum

Amazing signature dessert

Chocolate filled butter biscuits!

Something’s just need to go together and I’m open enough to try it! Book with us today for all your catering needs! Personal , professional or corporate. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, anniversary dinner, corporate meetings, production sets, video shoots, maybe just because its a Tuesday! Lunch or dinner doesn’t matter the event / or occasion. We cater to you! Serving the Atlanta area and surrounding areas.

Chocolate filled biscuits!!

Inside chocolate filled biscuit

We’re shipping Yum Yum now! West Coast to East Coast

Order today !!! You will be so glad you did 🙂 We ship East Coast to West Coast. Come see a few of our client reviews!!!!


Celebrity Chef Ebony Rocks 🍴

Yum Yum !! My signature decadent, chocolate dessert!!! We ship from East Coast to the West Coast! Email me for details!!!
Yum yum
Yum yum

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Beautiful Bountiful Chocolate brownies!

This was my first attempt at completely homemade brownies and I’m so pleased. Thick, beautiful crunch on top, soft and moist underneath. Sweet but not too sweet and the color is simply amazing! I placed a small amount of homemade icing on top just to round out the flavor. So what would you have a corner piece or the middle piece ???

Homemade brownies

Chocolate brownies

Contact us for our delicious, affordable catering!

Cupcakes! Coco with buttercream icing :)

Cute and delicious! My niece said they look so adorable. Chocolate with buttercream vanilla icing:)