Kid Approved Food!!!

What a pleasant surprise! Nice starchy potatoes that hold to heat well, cut and tossed in fresh herbs.Garlic and Rosemary oven French fries! Healthy, delicious and nutritious 🙂 a mothers desire and a kids dream!

What an amazing combo!

Oven baked amazingness

Classic Alfredo with a a Chef Ebony Twist

I love silence when clients/ guests ,friends and family are enjoying my cuisine! At 1 point a child was doing a vacuum motion to get the food into his mouth faster!!!! It was hilarious and oddly very rewarding. This was turkey, broccoli and spinach Alfredo with Parmesan ! Absolutely incredible!!!!

Book with us today! If it’s something pictured or something you desire, we can re-create it or create it deliciously!

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Classic Spaghetti Italiano!!!

One of my favorite food is Italian food! I love the fresh herbs, varied cheeses, light and perfectly textured gnocchi, amazing sauces, light airy dough, brushed crust, al dente noodles!!!! So needless to say Italian is 1 of my favorite dishes to cook. This spaghetti comes HIGHLY requested!!! Layers of flavor perfectly blended together. Fresh ingredients! Come see our client reviews and more importantly … Come see for yourself… Book with us today! Amazing spaghetti

Gotta love a classic!

So I was craving a delicious , nice beefy burger.( I rarely eat beef). Per my preteen son( and we all know kids are the harshest critics he said) ” this was amazing” I love fries but I am trying to eat more mindful in 2013. Today I’m eating it all! Lol.