Fridayz- Breakfast Craze


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  Fridayz are the best days ! We’re gonna do something new & delicious for the local community. One of my favorite meals EVERYDAY is breakfast . So why not combine the two and we bring delicious homemade breakfast to … Continue reading

Breakfast pizza! Eggs for crust:)

Sounds funny huh??!! Well its absolutely amazing. Cuts just like pizza and you can add any toppings you like and enjoy an amazing, healthy breakfast free of carbs:) Breakfast pizza

Southwestern Open omelette pizza with homemade biscuits!

Hmmmmm!Being creative in the kitchen is so necessary. This breakfast idea came to me driving home at o’dark thirty
Homemade biscuits, onions, herbs, tomatoes, basil, scallions, cheese and eggs! This was by far the best breakfast item I’ve concocted in a while.

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Open face omelette

Southwestern biscuit

Brunch with the kiddos:)

Brunch! Who needs syrup when pancakes are filled with deliciousness! I don’t like alot of ” fluff” but these went over with flying colors! Glazed pecans, brown sugar, and ‘ Honey Graham’s ! Texture, moisture and the perfect sweetness:)

Breakfast Frittata!

What a wonderful breakfast idea! This morning I decided to make a frittata. It was absolutely amazing. My son said” I’ve outdone myself today”. I’d have to agree. Diced potatoes, white onions, scallions, grilled turkey , cheese and broccoli. LAWD have mercy.
Breakfast frittata


Breakfast of Champions!

All I can say was this was AMAZING! No pork. Topped off with a light fruit salad. This was a perfect way to start the day. Perfect

Leftovers!!! I got a plan :)

2 days ago I made this amazing dirty rice that could rival ANY Creole restaurant.Lol.. ( I’m so humble! Lol). Well today there was about a 1/2 cup left, not enough to go around. So I lightly sautéed some onions, red beans and the rest of the dirty rice to let the seasonings marry. Tossed around some sirloin strips.Whipped up some eggs and butter compound with a dash of my favorite cheese. This omelet was GOT-DOG-IT-DELICIOUS! I made my sons plate first , before I was done simply plating my omelet he was DONE and walking back to the kitchen! REALLY! Slapomamagood

Thank you Article! Egypt Sherrod’s Sisters Shut In


I feel so blessed . I know from cooking for 200 women in my kitchen that I can do anything!

SUCCESS!! Egypt Sherrod’s Sisters Shut In

Diff angleI did it!!! I have a new respect for chefs cooking under pressure. Lol.Banana butter pancakes, eggs, cheese grits, home style potatoes and grilled turkey sausage. 50 pounds of potatoes, pancakes for 540 , 20 pounds of grits, 13 dozen eggs, so much meat I considered being a vegetarian! Lol…but I did it. Price Perfect Event Chef is on the rise! I CAN do anything!!!!!
Banana butterFood spreadApplejuiceEgypt Syleena Johnson
” So excited to have received this in my inbox!! “Hi Ebony,

I would like to personally thank you for taking part in our “Egypt’s Sister’s Keeper Shut-In.” We set out with the hope to encourage female empowerment and to help strengthen young women so that they may realize their full potential. Far too often we can feel misguided and unsure of what path our lives have taken. After hearing all of the heartfelt and extremely personal testimonials, I believe that each and every woman in attendance was able to take away something positive from this experience. Your participation spoke volumes and helped touch so many lives. It was truly a blessing to have you in support of our shut-in.

From the bottom of our hearts….thank you!