Delicious , easy dish for families on the go:)

Lunch! Chicken breast cut into nuggets, seasoned and pan fried, homemade whole wheat stovetop Mac and cheese. Easy to do and delicious 🙂 great quick lunch for busy moms/ families:)
Homemade nuggets

” Lady and Sons”

Hoe cake

I’m a chef and in an effort to heighten my culinary horizon I spent some time in Savannah. Doing research and soaking up the amazing and beautiful Historic districts knowledge. I’m not happy with the word choice she has admitting she used and I don’t excuse it. I do however understand that a woman of her age in the South has probably seen , witnessed, lived, participated in alot of unpleasant American History. The hope is that as the time changes , they do to. I can’t change people, how they live their lives or what they do or say in their spare time, or when among trusted peers. We all will face God on judgement day and HE knows. Having said that… She’s an amazing chef and THAT’S what I delight in. ” Lady and Sons ” has amazing Southern comfort food. Simply delicious. The dessert was just sinful!

Lady n sons

Traditional 4th of July meal?!! Nahhhh

Skinless fried chicken, red beans and rice and cabbage! My son is 13 and when I was done with the food he walked in the kitchen and said” I’m never leaving. I’m just going to find an online college “! Uhhhhh no sir! LOL. He is so rotten. Poor thing. Only downside to my cooking he said is ” having to do the dishes”! It’s a small price to pay for great meals:) Close up
Dinner is served