Kid Approved Food!!!

What a pleasant surprise! Nice starchy potatoes that hold to heat well, cut and tossed in fresh herbs.Garlic and Rosemary oven French fries! Healthy, delicious and nutritious 🙂 a mothers desire and a kids dream!

What an amazing combo!

Oven baked amazingness

1st time Homemade Pasta!!

So proud of myself 🙂 Homemade pasta , leftover baked chicken chopped up with scallions. My son who was very skeptical about “me” making ” homemade ” pasta ate two WHOLE plates! Below are the pictures in stages . Finished product is the last picture 🙂
Kneading dough
Cutting dough
Chicken and pasta

You want dinner delivered??

BBQ chicken , corn on the cob and roasted garlic potatoes. I made cheddar cheese biscuits that got picked over before I could get a pic! I cater / deliver anything that I post for large gatherings, small intimate dinners, corporate lunches , etc. Bottom line is ” I cook so you don’t have to”! If you are in the Atlanta area email me for details
Roasted potatoes
BBQ chicken

Breakfast Frittata!

What a wonderful breakfast idea! This morning I decided to make a frittata. It was absolutely amazing. My son said” I’ve outdone myself today”. I’d have to agree. Diced potatoes, white onions, scallions, grilled turkey , cheese and broccoli. LAWD have mercy.
Breakfast frittata


Meal made for a man!!!

So I heard a married man for over 30 years today say” to entertain a man you must have a meal!” In other words ” we” still need to cook. I know that’s old school but I wonder how many men secretly still feel this way? Lucky for him I LOVE to cook as much as he loves to eat! Lol. Steak and potatoes it is! I don’t usually tell my recipes but this was sooo good I have to share so you can try it. I actually roasted these steaks in garlic, onions, scallions, salt pepper, and beef broth then pan fried them for a few minutes to get this beautiful color. They were amazing!!! I dipped each bite in some thickened Au Jus!
OMG! Au jus

Savory soup!! Healthy and delicious.

It’s a soup kind of Sunday. Flash flood warnings, downed power lines, fallen trees, heavy winds, hail, road detours, non functioning stop lights, rain! Yeah this is stay indoor, cuddle and eat soup weather. I just finished this soup….turkey wings, yellow potatoes, red beans, rice, sweet onions, fresh chives, corn, carrots and red bell pepper. So delicious.


A steak so succulent!!!

I’ve just become a fan of beef within the past 2 years and clearly I’m making up for lost time. Lol. This steak was so amazing. The marbling on here was a beauty!!Marbling

T- bone anyone??

So good!! slow cooked to perfection…I love fresh fruit with my food:)


Hungry!! Take a look…

My food is delicious and healthy. No salt , no pork, just wonderful combinations of seasonings and flavors and creative culinary ideas from years of cooking! This is my delicious mac n cheese with a twist green beans and potatoes! and I cater events and occasions big and small 2-200, professionally or personal. Serving the Atlanta , Georgia area.

Mac n cheese
Potatoes n veggiesMac n cheesy

Sunday Dinner was delish!!!!!

Sunday Dinner is served!!! Roasted chicken and herbed yellow potatoes and onions served with lightly steamed snow peas 🙂 Everything was quite excellent( if I must say so myself). Lol