Meal fit for a King!

Boneless thighs, grilled. Paprika and garlic. Organic Wisconsin garlic herbed macaroni and cheese! Delicious and good for you!!


Amazing dinner

No bake ” macaroni and cheese” !

No fake- a Roni here! Pasta al dente tossed in fresh herbs mixed with a homemade cheese sauce! Absolutely delicious and so fresh. I would say this is a lighter alternative to the baked macaroni and cheese ( which I love also) but every so often have to make wiser food options. Balance is the name of this game:)

No bake macaroni and cheese

Happy housewarming!!

We serve all events/ occasions! Serving 2 to 200:) For this house warming the menu was my highly requested macaroni and cheese , my ginger and honey BBQ wings, cruditΓ©s with onion/ dill , ranch and guacamole dipping sauce AND amazing banana pudding:) Needless to say ” they ate good”!

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Ginger wings

Precooked macaroni and cheese

For ” Bleu cheese ” lovers!

So I’m not a fan of dressings. I prefer the organic flavors and taste of my food so I’ve never had the commercial ” bleu cheese” dressing or dip. So when this idea came to my mind I didn’t know how I would like it. This was an interesting concept but I DID enjoy it. This style of cheese needs a good piece of meat with some sauce and its perfect! This picture was before it went in the oven πŸ™‚

Bleu Cheese Mac & Cheese!

Bleu cheese Mac n cheese

” Lady and Sons”

Hoe cake

I’m a chef and in an effort to heighten my culinary horizon I spent some time in Savannah. Doing research and soaking up the amazing and beautiful Historic districts knowledge. I’m not happy with the word choice she has admitting she used and I don’t excuse it. I do however understand that a woman of her age in the South has probably seen , witnessed, lived, participated in alot of unpleasant American History. The hope is that as the time changes , they do to. I can’t change people, how they live their lives or what they do or say in their spare time, or when among trusted peers. We all will face God on judgement day and HE knows. Having said that… She’s an amazing chef and THAT’S what I delight in. ” Lady and Sons ” has amazing Southern comfort food. Simply delicious. The dessert was just sinful!

Lady n sons

Fed the homeless today in downtown Atlanta…

Yet humbled. I’ve been praying recently fighting feeling some type of way. All sorts of disappointments, let downs sprinkled with blessings. Today I prepared to serve 8 people lunch. God had other plans. So my kiddos and I found a corner in downtown ATL to give away the lunch I prepared with some lemonade to homeless. I left in tears as I had to turn away the sea of homeless men, women and children . My heart literally ached. As I drove away in tears, I was swelled with thankfulness for ever nook and cranny of my life. The good, the bad, the confusing, the hurt, the disappointments, the productive days , the slower days. Just thankful. I’m reignited to make a difference for the homeless! We will be back downtown with food enough for everyone drawn from that corner! God knows my heart and I will marry my actions to my hearts desires. Give God thanks today for
everything! Macaroni and cheese, BBQ meatballs , fresh green beans with red potatoes with lemonade to drink.
Feeding homeless

Lunch was great :)

This is the kind of lunch we serve! My amazingly, fall off the bone delicious baked chicken, macaroni and cheese and green beans and potatoes.

Would you like Catered lunch???

We cater lunch also!!! Today we Catered lunch for Atlanta West Primary Care. Baked chicken, macaroni and cheese and mixed vegetables, sweet tea AND brought some delicious samples of yum yum!

Mac n cheese

Mixed veggies