Amazing Meatballs:) No pork needed

I’m not a fan of pork and most recipes for meatballs you see tend to mix pork in for flavor. Well these meatballs need no pork. An amazing mixture of seasonings, and a few secret ingredients and ” I almost slapped myself”! Lol. Booking with this catering company you are invited into the world of true love of flavors, textures to create an amazing taste and a very wonderfully memorable event. Not just a lot of food, but a lot of food that taste greats! Book with us today. ” Let us cater to you” !

Want some ??
Smacking good meatballs

Lazy Sunday! Makes for a delicious dinner :)

Is raining and dreary today. A pajamas kind of day. Β Dinner for the family served:) Fresh lightly steamed veggies! Hand rolled homemade meatballs bathed in my homemade BBQ sauce, over the most aromatic jasmine rice. Absolutely incredible!Β 

All homemade

Angus Meatballs! Giant size

This meal was hardy, delicious and ummm did I say hardy?!!! Lol . These meatballs were GIANT! The flavor was amazing . Next time just a bit smaller. LOL.Meatballs

Homemade meatballs bathed in deliciousness!

So my child will not eat meat. I don’t know why considering I’m such a fan. However I made these meatballs and whipped up this sauce about a month ago and my child tore them up. Imagine my surprise and amazement. Kids are most times the harshest critics, and in this case just extremely picky about meat textures… so I consider this a huge,,,HUGE accomplishment! Huge high 5 for mom ! Hpmhhhhh
All homemade.. Meatballs and sauce