Succulent Shrimp Pasta

My teenage son calls me a ” cocky ” chef! I’d have to disagree… However it is so rewarding to turn ” non believers” into ” Price Perfect Cuisine connoisseur”. My 4 out of town guests NONE of them wanted shrimp. They wanted me to create something heavier, more stick to your ribs. I’d had this meal in my mind and let them know it would be great. Well despite the initial ambivalence simply because it was ” shrimp” this entire platter was cleaned with EVERY single person going back for at least seconds.

Shrimp pasta

Garlic pasta and shrimp

Delicious Leftovers!

Leftovers don’t have to be discarded ! Just because it was yesterday’s main meal doesn’t mean it has to be in today’s trash. This was my homemade pasta I made paired with a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.
Many people go without meals and not by choice, we need to learn to ” waste not”.

Italian inspired dinner! Homemade pasta :)

Certainly have to pick your battles! Meatless or low carbs!!??? I’d say meatless won this battle. Italian food is 1 of my favorites. Conquering homemade pasta is equally rewarding each time:) next step is to invest in a pasta thinner. Doing this whole process BY hand is tedious. Rewarding though! Homemade pasta dressed with lightly roasted scallions and drizzled with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Mother and step dad came and took a plate home. This was her exact words !……

” Honey hush!!!!! I just tasted your pasta noodles that Roy brought back home and they are absolutely delicious. I love the texture and the taste…yum yum yum. Girl you have the nack!!!
I am so impressed that you have made homemade pasta! DELICIOUS!!!!”

9 Veggie Pasta salad!

9 veggie pasta salad!!!! Yum! Garlic infused olive oil, squash, zucchini, roasted red and yellow peppers, scallions, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms AND cherry tomatoes . This is a beautiful looking dish and it tastes pretty amazing as well!! 9 veggie pasta
Pasta salad

Pasta al dente’

VeggiesVeggie pasta” Lunch”! Veggie pasta al dente. 8 wonderful veggies. From the son who judges everything on its color and appearance. I had him close his eyes and taste it. Me ” how does it taste”? Him” ummmmmmmmmm what is that( still chewing)… Me” do u like it”? Him ” yes that’s amazing what is it”! Pretty durn accomplished when he calls something amazing and its not pizza, chicken nuggets or fries! Lol