Stir fry!

I love non traditional ideas that work out well. This rice dish is loaded with flavor and protein but still amazingly light and guilt free !

Stir fry

Saffron, guacamole, steak, lime, queso fresco??

Dinner at my house is ” ummm ummmmm good”! I love creating and making meals delicious with sometimes the most simple twist. This meal was as good at it looks. Perfectly seasoned. The right spices, great fresh toppings! Book us today for the holidays. Traditional and non traditional! We deliver family style lunch, dinner. We cater all events/occasions! Give us a call today.

Perfect mixture

Island flavors! Chicken & Rice

What a beautiful combination of spices ! I love Island food. My next goal will be ” authentic Jerk Chicken” 🙂 This chicken and rice was amazing. Moist, sweet yet spicy with a little kick. Perfect.

Book us today for your lunch/ dinner/ meal/ holiday or occasion. We cater professional , corporate or personal/ private events. I am willing to travel:) I also offer” Dessert reception spreads” . Beautiful, and delicious for any occasion where you are looking to make an impression and want a delicious, elegant statement piece!

Island chicken and rice

Juicy chicken and rice

Amazing chicken marinade!

Check out the color of this chicken! This marinade was amazing and I LOVED the rich savory color the chicken absorbed. Sweet and spicy! Layer on a bed of coconut cooked jasmine rice dressed with fresh scallions! So good.

Close up


BBQ wings and veggies!

Arugula and spinach salad with some homemade dressing! BBQ chicken wings and rice with mixed vegetables. Petty good if I must say so myself:) Bbq

Lucky lunchtime for us!!

Lunch with my kiddos was amazing! My favorite, jasmine rice, fried chicken pieces bathed in Store bought general tso chicken sauce was pretty tasty. Nothing wrong with store brand items for exotic ingredients that are harder to replicate. Some juicy edible garnish. I’d say it was a hit and it surely made for a wonderful lunch time break with the kids and I.
General tso

Party Time!!

It doesn’t matter that my son ONLY went to youth summer camp with the church for a week…. I’m excited that he’s back so I threw him a lunch get together to welcome him back. We played Charades , heard about his week in Florida and ate gooooood!!!!

Fruit salad
Yum yum
Meal time

Mongolian Beef!! daaaahhhhh-LICIOUS

I had 1 angus steak left and I decided to make this!!!!….. mongolian beef over black beans and jasmine rice. It was sincerely amazing. My 2 year old , who is very picky about meat textures so I didn’t think she would even eat it devoured it!!!! 4 times while eating she said ” this is Daaaaaaah- LICIOUS” lol. I have to write this recipe down so I will be able to re-create Mongolian beefthis!!!

Savory soup!! Healthy and delicious.

It’s a soup kind of Sunday. Flash flood warnings, downed power lines, fallen trees, heavy winds, hail, road detours, non functioning stop lights, rain! Yeah this is stay indoor, cuddle and eat soup weather. I just finished this soup….turkey wings, yellow potatoes, red beans, rice, sweet onions, fresh chives, corn, carrots and red bell pepper. So delicious.


Roasted Turkey Wings ~

Friday night dinner for the family roasted turkey wings with creamed red beans and my favorite jasmine rice together. Some Au Jus!!! Lord have mercy.So amazing.
Roasted turkey wings