THE most amazing salad ever!

……….and then this salad happened!! I created it on accident looking for things to compensate NOT using salad dressing. Well it was SO good I recreated it:) so filling, healthy AND delicious ! I didn’t make a resolution this year but a commitment to healthier options every day. This salad is making it easy!!! LOL.


Steak & Broccoli Salad


Yes! This happened last night. My son had been asking for steak ALLLLLLLL day. So rotten 🙂 He said he loves having a chef for a mom,,, except the dishes! LOL

No bake ” macaroni and cheese” !

No fake- a Roni here! Pasta al dente tossed in fresh herbs mixed with a homemade cheese sauce! Absolutely delicious and so fresh. I would say this is a lighter alternative to the baked macaroni and cheese ( which I love also) but every so often have to make wiser food options. Balance is the name of this game:)

No bake macaroni and cheese

Rich vanilla cake with banana buttercream icing !

Let us create for you an amazing, beautiful and delicious dessert reception! My dessert receptions can be as elaborate as you desire , themed , color inspired , creatively kid friendly or simply elegant.

Wedding Receptions
Christmas Parties
Valentines day
Baby shower
Baby Gender Reveals
Halloween ‘ Trunk or Treat ” for kids
New Years Eve
Mary Kay parties
Avon Parties
Pure Romance parties
House Warmings
Welcome Home celebrations
Staff End of Year celebrations

The list doesn’t end there! Whether its a corporate event, black tie event, casual, garden chic, professional or corporate we can accommodate them all! Beautifully , deliciously and affordably!

Vanilla and banana buttercream

Side view vanilla and banana buttercream

Classic Italian Garlic Potato Gnocchi

Classic Italian garlic potato gnocchi! Maybe better understood as light potato dumplings. This was a delicious meal. I created a homemade sauce that was simply heavenly on the gnocchi.

I always encourage people to get curious in the kitchen! So many meals waiting to be created. Never again do I have to purchase gnocchi at my favorite Italian restaurant , I can make it deliciously myself:)

Up close potato gnocchi

Dressed homemade gnoochi

Book us today for the Holidays or any event coming up!

Double chocolate, mint chocolate cake!

Lord have mercy!

Chocolate and I have a relationship BUT this cake right here I would marry! LOL. Shameful. So decadent and rich. This cake is for REAL chocolate lovers.

Piece of chocolate cake

Chocolate chocolate cake

Top of chocolate cake

Book with us today. Holiday season is upon us! Cakes, dinners, lunches, dessert receptions and much more!

Banana Pudding so good….

I made dinner for friends of the family for over 20 years who came from North Carolina:)This was the dessert I made. My son who doesn’t like ” bananas” Ate 2 helpings! My itty bitty toddler ate her helping and licked her plate clean! LOL. My dinner guests ate their dessert in silence interrupted with random” savory sounds” !

I don’t tell these things to brag! Having my cuisine is an “. Experience”! I can tell you , people that have indulged can review, but I’d rather show you.

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Banana pudding

We’re shipping Yum Yum now! West Coast to East Coast

Order today !!! You will be so glad you did 🙂 We ship East Coast to West Coast. Come see a few of our client reviews!!!!


Celebrity Chef Ebony Rocks 🍴

Yum Yum !! My signature decadent, chocolate dessert!!! We ship from East Coast to the West Coast! Email me for details!!!
Yum yum
Yum yum

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Apple Crunch Crump Cake with Caramel buttercream icing !

Absolutely amazing! I love the freedom and creativity to try different things. Great recipes ARE discovered through this curiosity 🙂 This cake is better than it looks. Sweet, crumby, crunchy, rich and smooth! So many elements that work so well together.

Book us for your event! Professional, corporate or personal. Whether its family dinner on a Wednesday, a corporate meeting , annual banquet, anniversary dinner, engagement dinner, baby shower, bridal shower, Mary Kay party, Pure Romance party, birthday party, Grand opening, or wedding reception. We deliciously , professionally and affordably handle it all!

Apples and deliciousness

Side view apple crunch crumb cake

Top apple crunch crumb cake

Amazing chicken marinade!

Check out the color of this chicken! This marinade was amazing and I LOVED the rich savory color the chicken absorbed. Sweet and spicy! Layer on a bed of coconut cooked jasmine rice dressed with fresh scallions! So good.

Close up