Soy, Ginger, Sesame Salad!

What an amazing mixture of health, nutrition and deliciousness!
One of the best salads I’ve ever created! Book with us today. Holidays, events, corporate events, family dinners, professional.

Soy, ginger and sesame

Chef Salad w/ homemade dressing!

Beautiful, bountiful, colorful and healthy!!!! ( no filter needed)  Book with us for the holidays!

Close up chef salad

Chef salad

” Capri ” Salad my way:)

Kids are super NOT adventurous when it comes to food, new recipes, different things so I take great pride in MY kiddos sucking down the new things I try. The whole time I was prepping this my 13 yr old son was fussing about not liking EVERTYTHING I was putting in this salad. I made this dressing which is not traditional for a Caprese Salad but I gotta do me! When I was done with it , I asked him to taste the dressing he said… ” oh that’s amazing”! ( high five myself). Classic with my twist. Amazing.

Lunch ??

I’m feeling so blessed ! I love that 1 of my souls passions which is cooking is making other people happy:) It truly is rewarding and validating.Price Perfect Event Chef caters ALL events and occasions. Black Tie, Formal, Casual, professional and corporate. Grand or intimate. MD practices, Birthdays, Dentist practices, weddings, engagement dinners, Board or Educations, PTA meetings, Boutiques, Salons, etc! Lunch or Dinner! We cover it all. Deliciously and affordably. Email today….

This picture is my amazing fresh garden salad. Sprinkled with amazing mixture of palette pleasing veggies and colors dressed with my homemade salad dressing!
Beautiful salad

Salad from heaven!!!

I’ve been craving an amazing salad and so I created this…spinach, romaine, English cucumbers, tomatoes, sprinkled Parmesan cheese, avocado, seared shallots and grilled steak. Every bite was like a party in my mouth!!! Lol. So amazing. I am looking forward to being hungry again:) Salad
Amazing salad