Ummm ummm good! Baked Spaghetti

I sincerely love cooking and I believe this comes through the layers of flavors in my food. My spaghetti is by far 1 of the most requested pasta dishes I create. Book PPEC and see for yourself what our clients are RAVING about!!!

Baked spaghetti


Classic Spaghetti Italiano!!!

One of my favorite food is Italian food! I love the fresh herbs, varied cheeses, light and perfectly textured gnocchi, amazing sauces, light airy dough, brushed crust, al dente noodles!!!! So needless to say Italian is 1 of my favorite dishes to cook. This spaghetti comes HIGHLY requested!!! Layers of flavor perfectly blended together. Fresh ingredients! Come see our client reviews and more importantly … Come see for yourself… Book with us today! Amazing spaghetti

Signature Spaghetti!! To Die for…

Not ready!

You now I am very humble and easy going by nature and typically have a hard time ‘ tooting’ my own horn. BUT…..this spaghetti I make is hands down the BEST spaghetti you will ever have the pleasure of tasting! My uncle is in town and be helped on a task that had me beat, upset and overwhelmed this weekend. I made him this dish to show my gratitude And took some over for supper! So I posted a picture on my FB business page (Price Perfect Event Chef) and my sister turned rogue because I made her favorite meal and didn’t tell her! Needless to say she was at my door shortly thereafter for her take home spaghetti! My 2 yr old cried when her bowl of ” pisgetti” was gone?? Saying she needed more ” pisgetti ” please! Between my sister and my daughter yeah this whole dish was gone in a little over 28 hours.


My famous Spaghetti!!

Cheesy I hate to toot my own horn but this is a fan favorite!! This gets sucked down so fast I’d swear its not chewed. With and without cheese. Both ways are amazing but I’m a cheesy lover. My son is not. My daughter doesn’t care.. As long as she gets ” spisgetthi” as she calls it. No cheese Delish!