Fall Weddings! Cooler seasons don’t change the love in the air :)

Weddings, engagement dinners, dress rehearsals, birthdays, corporate lunches, delivered dinners, christmas parties, anniversary, graduations, PTA meetings… Whenever food is desired we provide it! Professional, corporate and personal events/ occasions. We cover it all…Deliciously, affordably and beautifully! We are now booking for Fall 2013. Email today. Ebonyprice2013@gmail.com
Fall weddings

My inspiration today :)

” Success is not just an intellectual exercise. It’s an activity exercise*. Action is required, even if it’s imperfect”
Ali Brown


Ahhhhh...Take me away!

Ahhhhh…Take me away!

Today has purpose!

Famous fried chicken
Ebony’s famous fried chicken. Staying warm while the sides finish. Everyday may not be perfect but everyday has purpose. ” Eventful”