Steak & Broccoli Salad


Yes! This happened last night. My son had been asking for steak ALLLLLLLL day. So rotten 🙂 He said he loves having a chef for a mom,,, except the dishes! LOL

No bake ” macaroni and cheese” !

No fake- a Roni here! Pasta al dente tossed in fresh herbs mixed with a homemade cheese sauce! Absolutely delicious and so fresh. I would say this is a lighter alternative to the baked macaroni and cheese ( which I love also) but every so often have to make wiser food options. Balance is the name of this game:)

No bake macaroni and cheese

Southwestern Open omelette pizza with homemade biscuits!

Hmmmmm!Being creative in the kitchen is so necessary. This breakfast idea came to me driving home at o’dark thirty
Homemade biscuits, onions, herbs, tomatoes, basil, scallions, cheese and eggs! This was by far the best breakfast item I’ve concocted in a while.

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Open face omelette

Southwestern biscuit

Saffron, guacamole, steak, lime, queso fresco??

Dinner at my house is ” ummm ummmmm good”! I love creating and making meals delicious with sometimes the most simple twist. This meal was as good at it looks. Perfectly seasoned. The right spices, great fresh toppings! Book us today for the holidays. Traditional and non traditional! We deliver family style lunch, dinner. We cater all events/occasions! Give us a call today.

Perfect mixture

Saffron, Gouda Cheese, Apples, Steak, Baby Spinach ? Sound like dinner??…

It may not have sound like a ” cohesive team” but dinner was restaurant quality delicious as well as beautiful! My daughter ate 3 helpings of rice and my son had 2 helpings of salad( which while I was creating he said he wasn’t gonna like it)!

Savory dinner

Spinach salad

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Asian inspired steak skewers

Healthy and delicious! Easy to make for the non veteran cook. Simple marinade composed of fresh Ginger, soy sauce, fresh crushed garlic, scallions. Two sirloin steaks I let rest in the marinade for a few hours then threw them on the grill. Amazingly delicious.

Steak skewers

Dinner time:)


I don’t even have many words to describe this meal besides amazing! Seriously simply amazing. We can recreate any meal for intimate dinners or large scale events! Southern comfort at its finest. Email us today…

Steak and red mashed potatoes!

Steak, red potatoes mashed potatoes with thickened Au jus and lightly steamed broccoli! ” We deliver dinner, lunches, cater events and all occasions” Serving the Atlanta area. Email us today “”

Steak Hoagie! Childhood memories :)

Perfectly seasoned Steak hoagies! Toasted buns. Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions with some fries. This was the perfect top off to blessed Sunday.
Steak hoagie

Salad from heaven!!!

I’ve been craving an amazing salad and so I created this…spinach, romaine, English cucumbers, tomatoes, sprinkled Parmesan cheese, avocado, seared shallots and grilled steak. Every bite was like a party in my mouth!!! Lol. So amazing. I am looking forward to being hungry again:) Salad
Amazing salad