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Our Client Favorites! Everybody eats …. EVERY day and every occasion that requires cuisine hires a caterer OR buys cuisine from somewhere. We take great pride in the quality and presentation of our cuisine and our client happiness. We’re in … Continue reading

Chocolate coffee cake!

This cake will keep you alert and have you coming back for more! Chocolate coffee cake with mocha buttercream frosting with candied pecans! Absolutely amazing.

We cater all events/ occasions! 2-200! Seasonal, holidays or birthdays and 4th of July! Weddings, engagement dinners, Scentsy parties, etc! We accommodate them all:) affordable and delicious.

Chocolate coffee cake

Halloween, Fall Festival or a Trunk or treating !!?

Halloween, Fall Festivals and Trunk or Treat! We offer much more than delicious meals! Book us today for your Fall event. Whether it’s at church, work , school, daycare or at the community center! We offer ” Dessert Receptions”! Homemade delicious desserts! Creative , kid friendly, elegant, fun, classy , ALL PINK to support breast cancer awareness…. Whatever you desire. Affordable and delicious. Take the hassle out of buying, decorating, cooking, shopping and just enjoy the time with friends, family, the community or coworkers!

Book with us today!!!

PPEC Halloween

Surprise inside! Oreo cookie cake :)

I’m such a big kid at heart! Knowing this cake would be sliced and everyone would be pleasantly surprised with the bright blue cake mixed with Oreo Creme middle made me so excited!!! LOL

Book us today!! Personal, professional or corporate! Kid friendly or elegant classic, Halloween or Christmas!! we beautifully cover it all!

Fun and delicious!

Birthday party!

Don’t be tardy for this party!! Kids birthdays are so much fun. A different level of creativity is welcomed when feeding loud, fun filled little ones. For a chef, that equals a sense of creative freedom in the kitchen. This cake creation idea came about from the colorful Oreos we see in the stores this time of year.

Classic, colorful and delicious!

Book us today! All events / occasions. Seasonal, corporate, professional or personal.

Oreo amazing

Mmmm chocolate !

Its a chocolate kind of day:) it doesn’t matter the time !! LOL. Double chocolate cake with mint chocolate buttercream icing. SHARE this blog entry if you agree this cake creation looks delicious:)

Cake Creations

Blonde brownies in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In support of breast cancer awareness I made these blonde brownies and treated the admin of my sons school!

Blonde brownies

Rich vanilla cake with banana buttercream icing !

Let us create for you an amazing, beautiful and delicious dessert reception! My dessert receptions can be as elaborate as you desire , themed , color inspired , creatively kid friendly or simply elegant.

Wedding Receptions
Christmas Parties
Valentines day
Baby shower
Baby Gender Reveals
Halloween ‘ Trunk or Treat ” for kids
New Years Eve
Mary Kay parties
Avon Parties
Pure Romance parties
House Warmings
Welcome Home celebrations
Staff End of Year celebrations

The list doesn’t end there! Whether its a corporate event, black tie event, casual, garden chic, professional or corporate we can accommodate them all! Beautifully , deliciously and affordably!

Vanilla and banana buttercream

Side view vanilla and banana buttercream

Double chocolate, mint chocolate cake!

Lord have mercy!

Chocolate and I have a relationship BUT this cake right here I would marry! LOL. Shameful. So decadent and rich. This cake is for REAL chocolate lovers.

Piece of chocolate cake

Chocolate chocolate cake

Top of chocolate cake

Book with us today. Holiday season is upon us! Cakes, dinners, lunches, dessert receptions and much more!

Banana Pudding so good….

I made dinner for friends of the family for over 20 years who came from North Carolina:)This was the dessert I made. My son who doesn’t like ” bananas” Ate 2 helpings! My itty bitty toddler ate her helping and licked her plate clean! LOL. My dinner guests ate their dessert in silence interrupted with random” savory sounds” !

I don’t tell these things to brag! Having my cuisine is an “. Experience”! I can tell you , people that have indulged can review, but I’d rather show you.

Book your event or occasion with us today! Book your dinner or lunch with us! Holidays are coming up! Book early. It’s not too early to began booking for 2014! We are affordable and delicious.

Banana pudding