Tacos on a health kick !!

Mealtime doesn’t have to derail fitness goals. All it takes is a little imagination, preparation and a willing palette. These ” tacos” were very well received. Instead of shells, used romaine lettuce. Saffron rice, sautéed beef, onions,fresh tomatoes, and skipped on the cheese.

Come see more meal ideas 🙂 allowing creativity in the kitchen is the key!!

Dinner time:)


I don’t even have many words to describe this meal besides amazing! Seriously simply amazing. We can recreate any meal for intimate dinners or large scale events! Southern comfort at its finest. Email us today… Ebonyprice2013@gmail.com

BBQ wings and veggies!

Arugula and spinach salad with some homemade dressing! BBQ chicken wings and rice with mixed vegetables. Petty good if I must say so myself:) Bbq

Beautiful Garden Pasta Salad

I catered lunch today for a MD Practice. I received RAVE reviews from my lunch yesterday. Today I prepared baked chicken, macaroni and cheese and vegetarian pasta of course my signature yum yum and some tea!!

Pasta salad

Veggie pasta

Would you like Catered lunch???

We cater lunch also!!! Today we Catered lunch for Atlanta West Primary Care. Baked chicken, macaroni and cheese and mixed vegetables, sweet tea AND brought some delicious samples of yum yum!

Mac n cheese

Mixed veggies

Lazy Sunday! Makes for a delicious dinner :)

Is raining and dreary today. A pajamas kind of day.  Dinner for the family served:) Fresh lightly steamed veggies! Hand rolled homemade meatballs bathed in my homemade BBQ sauce, over the most aromatic jasmine rice. Absolutely incredible! 

All homemade

9 Veggie Pasta salad!

9 veggie pasta salad!!!! Yum! Garlic infused olive oil, squash, zucchini, roasted red and yellow peppers, scallions, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms AND cherry tomatoes . This is a beautiful looking dish and it tastes pretty amazing as well!! 9 veggie pasta
Pasta salad

Pasta al dente’

VeggiesVeggie pasta” Lunch”! Veggie pasta al dente. 8 wonderful veggies. From the son who judges everything on its color and appearance. I had him close his eyes and taste it. Me ” how does it taste”? Him” ummmmmmmmmm what is that( still chewing)… Me” do u like it”? Him ” yes that’s amazing what is it”! Pretty durn accomplished when he calls something amazing and its not pizza, chicken nuggets or fries! Lol

Sweet 16 !

Today my niece celebrated her sweet 16th birthday. It was a wonderful celebration with friends and family. I asked her what did she want me to cook for her birthday… Of ALL the things I suggested to her that I could cook… she responded ” ummmm your wings” ! Lol. So needless to say I prepared my signature grilled wings bathed in homemade sauce. I made a fruit display and picked all organic veggies for a veggie platter so we can keep on track with good health options in 2013. I’d say today was a wonderful success not to mention its always nice hanging out with friends and family.Fruit treeOrganic veggiesBy request.... Deliciousimage